Sierra is a 2 year old female Malinois. She is INTENSE when "turned on" and a bullet when sent to attack. K-9 DEFENSE OFFERS 360° PROTECTION. The top dog breeds for use in protection are Belgian Malinois, German Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds, Rottweilers, Pit Bulls and American Bulldogs. Red is a Standard Poodle who was born mid 2018. He is a beautiful, shed-free boy who is loving and gentle – until it is time to protect you and your loved ones. He is also a devoted friend and loves to be loved. Brevet is an exceptional one year old Belgian Malinois with tremendous power, a big personality and a love for everyone he meets. We have a large range of trained family protection dog and personal protection dog for sale. He is not distracted by strangers and will do everything he can to protect you from anyone. Name Street Address Address Line 2 City and State / Province / Region Email Phone MobileHomeOffice Phone (secondary) MobileHomeOffice Dogs of Brevet's caliber often sell for twice the price. Gucci is available as a Naked Dog by CPI or as an Executive Protection Dog for an additional charge. She is loving, sweet, and insanely good at her job – protecting her owners. Challa is one of the most extreme German Shepherds we have had go through our elite program this year. Call us at (855) 461-3647 to learn more about our protection dogs for sale. Most people associate German Shepherds with providing protection for homes and individuals.These dogs were originally bred to serve masters due to their high intelligence, confidence and loving nature. 92590, Monday—Friday: 9:00AM–5:00PM Dogs For Sale Personal Protection Dogs For Sale Our personal protection dogs are trained with family and work in mind. He is in full protection training mode and is going to be a great addition to […]. He has very good drive and has a foundation in French Ring sport. Tarheel Canine’s Elite Protection Dog program begins with either a telephone consultation or a visit to the client’s home to determine the best match for our clients in terms of choice of breed, and training program. Faron has a strong powerful appearance, extreme drive in protection with a crushing bite. He works well with other pets and animals and is great with the family and around children. ​. Merri is a two year old solid black female. He is highly obedience trained […], American Bulldog Training American Bulldogs are working dogs! Bella has extensive high obedience and protection training. Adel is most often described as a Belgian Malinois inside a German Shepherd's body (a reference to her speed, tenaciousness and INTENSITY in protection). Our protection dogs are trained to … 42020 Winchester And we seldom see German Shepherd females who are warriors. He has had the best high obedience and protection training and has excelled in both areas! He has been competitively trained for national/ international competition. That includes other dogs and children! While dogs could move quickly, hunt prey, and protect flocks and their owner, the humans could provide food, shelter from the most severe elements and protection from larger predators, love, affection, rewards, besides tending to the dog's injuries. Mudgi is a large gorgeous female with excellent structure (rating of excellent in show) out of top performance bloodlines. Gunner is our absolutely beautifully marked Dutch Shepherd with an amazing personality. We do not sell dogs that we have not personally evaluated or dogs that are still in Europe. At Pinnacle we take pride in providing families with true family pet protectors. Cole is a Giant Schnauzer, weighs about 65 lbs., and is just nine-months-old. There are a lot of companies with trained dogs for sale. Temecula, He has grown up with children, other dogs (both large and small) and cats as well. Gabbi is a large, masculine female with excellent structure, accomplished in European dog sports and the drive of an excellent male when it comes to protection. They can identify and react to multiple threats and quickly neutralize them. They make great family and companion dogs and are more active and need more exercise than their close relative, the English Bulldog. We have already purchased his brother and sister. Personal Protection Dogs For Sale Ruidoso Malinois provides superior custom trained Personal Protection dogs. We think of our Luxor as both. When it comes to protection he has extreme drive and is very easy to handle. He is the epitome of the classic German Shepherd. We have a goal: To ensure that every dog we have the privilege of working with, becomes a permanent, beloved, trusted and happy member of his/her family. He is a tall Dutch Shepherd with reverse brindle coloring. An amazing breeding and exceptional dog. Our dogs are custom finish trained for your specific needs, lifestyle and household which are clarified during an in-depth conversation. Our Protection Dogs are fully trained and fully prepared to terminate any threat to your personal protection. A dog like Loki doesn’t come around very often. Pierre is our 19-month-old, very large, 70 lb. He is social and accepting of everyone but does not become friends indiscriminately. Until then, pet him, appreciate him but you're probably not going to get the time of day. Gucci is a Spitzen V-rated long coated show dog who recently won the national championship! Integrity K9 Services He is 15-months-old and weighs 80 lbs. Personal Protection Dogs For Sale We hand select and import best-of-breeds protection dogs to defend your home and family. Offering a complete line of Highly Trained Exclusive Family Protection Dogs, CPI has been the largest in the field of over 25 years. She has a calm nature yet so very extreme in protection. Redwood Krest Executive Personal Protection Dogs are confident enough to decide when a stranger is a threat, yet willing to accept someone that you deem as safe. He has looks and moves that will stop the bad guys in their tracks and make them high tail it out of there. This poodle guard dog will protect you and your family from any intruder or attacker that would […]. When it comes to protection dogs for sale, and protection dog training, you will quickly find out that Ivan has Unparalleled Credentials, Expertise, and Trustworthiness. Personal protection dogs are a hot topic right now with the surge in public crimes and terrorism. Personal Protection Dogs for sale by Ivan Balabanov – the most accomplished American dog trainer and breeder of all times! We are always there for you and your dog. Beautiful, well-mannered, and powerful perfectly describes Zeus, our 15-month-old, fully-trained Protection and Companion dog. He is a powerful two year old black sable with a bigger-than-life personality, a show-off style of obedience and TREMENDOUS power in protection. Personal Protection Dogs At TOTAL K9 ®, we provide personal protection dogs for sale anywhere in the UK. He is shed-free and would make a great animal friend and protector for you. Brix is a one year old Belgian Malinois with a sweet personality, great with children and an excellent foundation in protection. Highest level of protection & obedience training. At that point he becomes very protective. He has been raised with two children and three other dogs. Creed is our gorgeous and exotic Belgian Malinois. We offer green and fully trained dogs, hand picked from generations of proven working bloodlines. We invite you to take a look at the personal protection dogs for sale by Prestige and what makes our services the best in the business! Luxor has to be one of the most flashy, striking black sales we have seen in a very long time. She is an impressive Belgian Malinois with a gorgeous fawn coat and a beautiful black mask. Fully trained available protection dogs by CPI ready for delivery. On this site you will find articles and stories about dogs, training tips, accessories and supplies as well as have access to puppies and working dogs from carefully selected bloodlines trained in basic or advanced obedience and family or personal protection already tested in family and real-world scenarios. He is also available as an Executive Protection Dog for $18,500. The clients must be able to properly handle the dog, and the temperament must be a good match, based on the dog’s sociability and activity level. Also, like his father, he also happens to be extremely demonstrative when it comes to his performance. © Copyright 2019 | All Rights Reserved. Neo is a Standard Poodle, born mid 2018. He brings all of the incredible attributes of the breed to his protection work, including loyalty, fearlessness, athleticism, power and intelligence. Saturday-Sunday: 11:00AM–3:00PM. His father typically gets standing ovations for obedience and protection. CA The Cane Corso breed is the Bodyguard of the dog world. To achieve this, we start with the understanding that every Precision K9 protector, must first be … Like many Great Danes he is fantastic with children and other animals. +44 (0) 793 0408 458 Lou is a beautiful year old Belgian Malinois raise with children, loves everyone he meets and intense in protection. Looking for buy protection dog? Ikkar is a dark black sable with a soft sweet personality. His powerful appearance is easily backed up with an equally powerful defense whenever needed. Thor is our unaltered, male, Dutch Shepherd, born in 2018, with an exceptional disposition. But he is also mellow and sweet. Mufasa has to be one of the most beautiful, and interesting, dogs we have ever seen. Integrity Partners with Roper Wyatt Lloyd, Integrity K9 Services Takes a Look at Protection Dogs and Children. Many are third or fourth generation of our own personal Prufenpuden bloodlines. Paxo is the largest, most stunning looking bi-color we have seen since Don vom Rolandsteich twenty years ago. Delivery is available worldwide. A beast in protection. . We see few females like Fatima in protection, few with her looks and never the two combined. He is playful and has lots of energy. We offer personal protection dogs for sale, trained at various levels for your home or business. Porto is an extraordinary dog with an almost identical background to his super star brother Paxo. A sister to Cato and Challa, Cira is very large for a female with a masculine head. In protection, Paris shows the drive usually only found in working bloodlines. Jopo's owner often spent time socializing him with other dogs while hiking as well as in their training club. HIGHLY-TRAINED PERSONAL SECURITY & PROTECTION DOGS, Protection dogs from Integrity K9 Services are trained to be ready to defend you and your loved ones at a moment’s notice. Then in a home in the country on weekends. Atticus is a one-and-a-half-year old French import. She loves everyone and she is very powerful in protection. […]. Ghost is a gorgeous Belgian Malinois that has the sweetest personality you could ask for. We love building an elite family/personal protection German Shepherd dog and connecting them with homes in Canada. His skills are in proportion to his size! All of the dogs listed on our website are here at our facility. Dax is a 2 year old solid black German Shepherd, good with other males, powerful in protection and naturally protective of home and property. And she loves children, including toddlers! Bullet is a wonderful 4 year old Doberman Pinscher. His background and ability is just as unique as Paxo's size and good looks. Trained Dogs For Your Personal Protection. Protection Dogs . Trained in protection bite sports and finished by the same techniques and methods used for police service dogs; Rising S K9’s dogs are selfless companions … Merri is not only powerful and intense in protection but she's also tenacious. He has the drive and power of an extraordinary working dog, and will provide an extremely high level of protection. Striker is a 2 year old French Malinois, raised with a 5 year old boy and a 7 year old girl and their female Malinois. Shepherds make excellent personal protection dogs because of their ability to protect, but also remain calm during day-to-day life events.. When it comes to his loyalty and bite work, he is top-notch. The best personal protection dogs are guided by intensive training, instinct, and a set of verbal and physical commands from their owners. He is absolutely a lover as you can see from his pictures He loves smiling and showing you that he adores you. He is calm, composed, and affectionate around friends and family. A Rising S K9 dog is a great solution for guarding your safety and the things that mean the most to you! He has been in many movies, television programs, and commercials. Indy is the son of  a two time world competitor. Protection Dogs Canada® ensures all Personal Protection Dogs meet the standards of the clients. Vandi is a beautiful black and red German Shepherd from top European show lines. Foxx is a young Belgian Malinois (one year old), extremely friendly, raised with children and exceptional in protection. As impressive as Faron is in appearance and protection what really stands out to us is his personality. Storm is friendly and confident, and his obedience training is excellent. PERSONAL PROTECTION DOGS. A protection dog protects you and your family in the event of a break and enter on your private residence, your business and can even protect your vehicle. You will want to cuddle her in your arms and rock her to sleep, she is that sweet. We also make sure they are wonderful pets and an all-around positive addition to your life. Black sable, classic stenciling on his toes, plush coat like you only see in show dogs. He is out of top performance bloodlines and we have already imported two of his brothers. All our highly trained dogs are completely safe around your family. Everything about Bear is extreme- his obedience, protection, ability to fight, a devastating bite, a "bigger-than-life" personality and so relaxed in everyday life. Luxor has a unique personality. Cayman is a rare breed of French police dog and has titled in ADF (American Dog Federation). We acquired Bear because she has a spunky personality and the drive we were looking for to make her the perfect protection or service dog. K-9 Defense Offers The Best Protection Dogs In The Country. One look at him and the bad guy is on the run. Her talents go far beyond mere looks. Solo has it all! Videos Personal Delivery Our Guarantee Request More Information. More than gorgeous Fatima is striking! As his name indicates, Savage is quite the package of personal protection. He is an altered male that weighs approximately 70 pounds that displays incredible athleticism and loyalty in his protection work. Protection Dogs - Fully trained Personal Protection Dogs, Family Guard & Security Dogs available for sale in UK & Worldwide. Bud is our reverse brindle, American Bulldog. The best description of Ruby is she is a warrior. Gunner, born in early 2018 is an unaltered male with a gorgeous body and beautiful head. During this time, we have successfully trained and developed dogs for a multitude of jobs. Kraken is a one year old Belgian Malinois raised in the perfect home. So a treasure. as well as cats. This dog is highly trained and a sweetheart of a companion. Our staff is is extremely passionate about their work and have years of expirience training world class civilian protection dogs. He has been raised with children, other dogs, cats, horses and chickens. Our Belgian Malinois, Naz, is as sweet as they come. Jackson Storm, born at the beginning 2019, is a beautiful, smart, large, male Doberman with the sweetest personality and love for children that is possible. Wasabi is a black and tan, female, German Shepherd with an all-around great personality. And we see a lot of beautiful dogs! That's not very common in a female German Shepherd. Leah loves to play and loves to be loved. Aspen is a one-and-a-half-year-old sable female, imported from Europe, and great with other dogs. Integrity K9 Services provides its discerning clients with the best personal protection dogs available today. EXECUTIVE PERSONAL PROTECTION DOGS Joeri Goedertier 2021-01-01T21:47:31+00:00 REDWOOD KREST PROTECTION DOGS Please view our list of dogs below to see what is currently available for sale. It's interesting to us Luxor was named after both a hotel known for its flash, and a city known for it's treasures. He is currently in the midst of his advanced training and is well on his way to being top-notch in […]. Odin is a beautiful dark sable with impeccable character and a fun outgoing personality. We do not sell sporting dogs – we sell only highly-functional, executive & family protection dogs. In our two Kentucky facilities we raise for sale quality personal protection dogs. Our dogs are trained using the most up-to-date, technologically advanced training methods possible to produce the ultimate personal protection dog for you and your family. Indy has a very friendly personality, loves everyone he meets and very high drive in protection. Call us at +1 (323)-284-5091 We believe you and your loved ones have the right to safety, and in today’s world, that means taking action. His personality matches his looks, bigger than life. At Guard Dog Security we offer trained dogs for sale in Enfield for personal and your family protection. Xena is a 5 year old female Belgian Malinois. Request Information. He has the sweetest personality, and has been prepared for Ring III (most difficult dog sport in Europe). All dogs shown on this page reside at our luxury kennel or in private homes and are available for immediate pick-up or delivery directly to your home. At the same time he's everything every German Shepherd enthusiasts who loves sables wants, but seldom finds. Are You Seeking A Safe Method Of Protection For You, Your Estate, And Your Loved Ones? All […]. Personal Protection Dogs For more than 20 years, Bullock’s Police K-9 has been providing elite dogs to police departments and military organizations around the world. It's hard to match Rio, much less get any better. Blitz is our gorgeous Belgian Malinois with a black mask and fawn coloring. A Personal Protection Dog will selfessly defend you from a potential threat while remaining a safe, loving member of the family. Having successfully trained over 5000 dogs for protection, bomb detection, drug detection, and service dog applications, we stand ready to provide you with the special dog you have been dreaming of! He is great with children and other animals […]. View the personal protection dogs and family protection dogs we have for sale. Included with any protection dog purchase is a course designed to get your dog comfortable with his new home. The biggest problem in purchasing a protection dog is whether the dog will be a good match, temperamentally, for the clients based on their lifestyle. Integrity K9 Services provide you with the best trained personal protection dogs that keep you and your loved ones safe and give you true peace of mind.
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