CARBURATOR ASSEMBLY,Carburator Automizer Kit,Carburator Choke Lever,Carburator Distance Packing,Carburator Float,Carburator Float Pin,Carburator Main Jet,CARBURATOR MANIFOLD,CARBURATOR PARTS,Carburator Repair Kit,Carburator Slide,CARBURATOR SLIDE WITH PIN,CARBURATOR SLIDE WITH PIN AND DIAPHRAGM,Carburator Slow Jet,Carburator Top Nut,Diaphragm,REED VALVE WITH RUBBER. Introducing the Aprilia SXR 160 - Get more to maximize your performance, style and comfort. Refer Returns page for procedure and terms. 30 Day Replacement Guarantee. Splendor Kimball Seating ™ SPLENDOR® Statement of Line Page SP.1 Lounge Seating Guest Chair See page SP.3 to specify. The Seat covers are available in various attractive colors and customers can choose as per their wish. The ABS offers that crucial control for a safe halt. 1.85 Lakhs) and Suzuki Hayate (priced at Rs. Compare CEAT tyre models and get best tyre for Hero Splendor. BIKER BRACELETS,BIKER PENDANTS,BIKER RINGS,FANCY KEY CHAIN,T SHIRT,WAIST AND THIGH BAGS. BREATHER GASKET,Breather Plate Gasket,CARBURATOR GASKET,CARBURATOR INSULATOR PAD,CHAIN ADJUSTER GASKET,CLUTCH COVER GASKETS,COIL PLATE GASKET,CRANK CASE GASKET,CYLINDER GASKETS,ENGINE GASKETS,FULL GASKET SET,GEAR BOX GASKET,GEAR SHIFTER GASKET,HALF GASKETS,HEAD GASKET,HEAD RUBBER GASKET,MAGNET COVER GASKET,MAGNET ROUND GASKET,NEUTRAL SWITCH GASKET,OIL FILTER GASKET,OIL PUMP GASKET,OIL SEAL PLATE GASKET,OTHER GASKETS,OUTER CLUTCH GASKET,Pollution Pipe Gasket,REED VALVE GASKET,ROCKER GASKET,SELF STARTER GASKET,SIDE PLATE GASKET,SILENCER GASKETS,TAPPET GASKET,TIMING COVER GASKET,TIMING PLATE GASKET,TOP PLATE GASKET. Further 90 more, Super Splendor is an upgraded version of the old Splendor that comes with a restyled headlight and new dynamic graphics. CUSTOMIZED SEAT ASSEMBLY,KTM SEAT COVERS,RE SEAT COVERS,SEAT ASSEMBLY,SEAT BUCKET,SEAT COVER. Finish:Paint Finished With Genuine Paint And Glossy Lacquer. It remained in original form for a whole decade, when the Splendor got the first of many cosmetic and styling updates. ALTERNATOR ASSEMBLY,Armature For Starter,BACK LIGHT HOLDER,BATTERY CABLE ASSEMBLY,BATTERY TERMINAL WITH WIRE,BODY CONTROL UNIT,BRAKE LIGHT SWITCH,BUTTON DIPPER,BUTTON HEAD LIGHT,BUTTON HORN,BUTTON INDICATOR,BUTTON SELF,CABLE ASSEMBLY STARTER MOTOR,Carbon Brush Holder,CDI UNIT,Charging Coil,CLUTCH SWITCH,COIL CDI WIRE,Coil Plate,Combination Switch(Horn side)LH,Combination Switch(Self side)RH,CONDENSER ASSEMBLY,CORDS,DISTRIBUTOR ASSEMBLY,ECU,ELECTRONIC FLASHER,FUSE,FUSE BOX ASSY,FUSE BOX WIRE,HEAD LAMP CONTROLLER,Head Lamp Holder,HEAD LAMP RELAY,HORN ADOPTER RELAY,HORN CABLE ASSY,HORN RELAY,HORNS,Igniter,Ignition Coil,Ignition switch,L.T. The on-road price (Delhi) starts from Rs. Deluxe toilet seat! 46,850 (ex-showroom, Delhi). While we get ready to bid adieu to 2020, here we bring you the top-five two-wheeler launch stories from the year. Seat cover is one of the must have accessories when it comes to define the look of a bike. Hero Super Splendor 125 price in Nepal is Rs. Hero's seat covers has been made from quality raw material, its … Above mentioned prices are Average Ex-showroom. HEAD LIGHT BULB,INDICATOR BULB,SPEEDOMETER BULB,TAIL LIGHT BULB. The Splendor brand remains the highest-selling motorcycle brand in the country, decades after its launch, and it delivers on that which is promises – reliability, great fuel efficiency, and affordable maintenance. BALACLAVAS,BANDANAS AND SCARVES,BODY ARMOUR JACKET,CAPS AND SLEEVES,ELBOW AND KNEE GUARD,JACKETS AND PANTS,RIDING BOOTS,RIDING EYEWEAR,RIDING GLOVES,WATERPROOF GLOVES. COMPLETE STICKER KITS,FAIRING STICKER SET,FANCY STICKERS,FRONT SHIELD STICKER,GENERAL STICKERS,INNER COVER CAUTION,MOTORCYCLE MONOGRAM,MUDGUARD STICKER,PATROL TANK CAUTION,SCOOTER MONOGRAM,SIDE PANEL STICKER SET,TAIL PANEL STICKER SET,Tank Pads,TANK STICKER,TPFC STICKERS. AIR CLEANER JOINT SCREW,FUEL CAP CLEANER CASE,FUEL INJECTOR,FUEL INJECTOR PIPE ASSY,FUEL PUMP,FUEL PUMP MOTOR,OIL PUMP ASSY,OIL PUMP COVER,OIL PUMP PLATE,OIL PUMP SHAFT,OIL SEAL THROTTLE BODY,OTHER FUEL INJECTOR PARTS,SOLENOID VALVE. I like this bike for its good mileage and awesome pickup but i don't know why hero motocorp discontinued this super bike. Hero Motocorp Splendor Tyres by CEAT Edit Hero Motocorp Splendor tyre size: 2.75-17, 2.75-18, 80/100-18, 3.00-17, … There is a marked difference in the perception of an 110cc motorcycle and a 100cc one in the Indian market. 49,598 (ex showroom) and the Splendor Plus"s price starts from Rs. Price, specs, exact mileage, features, colours, pictures, user reviews and all details of Hero Splendor Pro Classic Motorcycle. LED BACKLIGHTS,LED FOG LAMPS,LED HEADLIGHT BULB,LED HEADLIGHTS,LED INDICATORS,LED LIGHTS,LED STOBE LIGHTS,LED STRIPS,METER LED BULB. 2021 Hero Splendor iSmart Disc BS6 Price in India. ACTIVITY TRACKER,SMART GLASSES,SMART WATCHES,SPORTS AND GPS WATCHES,VIRTUAL REALITY HEADSETS,WEARABLE CAMERAS. AMMETER ASSEMBLY,FUEL METER,INDICATOR METER,METER ASSEMBLY,METER MOVEMENT ASSY,METER WORM ASSY,SPEED SENSORS,SPEEDOMETER WORM BODY,SPEEDOMETER WORM SET,TACHOMETER ASSEMBLY. The Splendor Plus is available in 3 variants. These days commuters wants its seat cover to be comfortable, stylish and durable. Hero Splendor iSmart 110 price in Nepal is Rs. ... With a good comfortable seat and above average fuel economy system the Hero Splendor is one of the best bikes for commute. Enduro Engineering Standard Soft Complete Seat $125.96 - $169.95 Was $139.95 - $169.95 The telescopic front suspension will make it seem like you're simply just gliding. Reason being, the motorcycle … Free Shipping & Home Delivery only at 1ST GEAR,2ND GEAR,3RD GEAR,4TH GEAR,5TH GEAR,6TH GEAR,COLLAR SPLINE,Counter Shaft Gear,CRANK GEAR,DOUBLE GEAR,DRIVE SHAFT,FULL GEAR,GEAR ASSEMBLY,GEAR BOX CASE,GEAR BOX PLATE,GEAR CHANGER,GEAR CROSS,GEAR CROSS ROD,GEAR DABBY,GEAR FORK,GEAR KICK,GEAR MUTHA,GEAR SET,GEAR SHAFT ASSEMBLY,GENERAL GEAR PARTS,HALF GEAR,IDEAL GEAR,KICK RATCHET,KICK SHAFT,LAY SHAFT GEAR,Main Shaft Gear,MAIN STAND COLLAR,NEUTRAL GEAR,Primary Gear,RPM GEAR,SPEEDO KIT,SPROCKET DRIVE. Suddenly, the excitement drops and honestly, it shouldn’t. Hero Honda SPLENDOR - Buy All Spares Including Body Parts,Engine Parts,Shock Absorbers,Clutch Parts,Gear Parts,Carburetor Parts,Wheels,Suspension Parts for Splendor at India's Best Online Shopping Store For Motorcycles,Bikes,Scooters & Scooty. 2018 Hero Super Splendor Launch Ride Review, Hero Splendor 110 iSmart vs Suzuki Hayate EP vs TVS Victor: Comparison review, Hero Splendor iSmart 110 First Ride Review, Hero MotoCorp registers marginal growth in year-on-year sales for December. Just staring into the eyes of those LED lights is simply inspiring. The design, complemented with Wraparound LED lights reinforce the asthetics of the new Aprilia Design Language. With that kind of pricing, Hero competes against TVS Radeon 110 (priced at Rs. Hero Splendor Plus is best mileage bike in BD>> Only Genuine Products. This allows us to provide relevant content for you. AIR SCREW,BEEDING SCREW,BRAKE CAM LEVER NUT BOLT,BRAKE ROD NUT,CHAIN ADJUSTER,CHAMBER SCREW KIT (FULL),CHAMBER STUD,CHASSIS NUT BOLT KIT,CLUTCH AND BRAKE LEVER BOLT WITH NUT,CLUTCH NUT,CLUTCH PULLEY NUT,CLUTCH SIDE SCREW KIT,CYLINDER STUD,DRUM BOLT,DRUM STUD,ENGINE FOUNDATION BOLT,FOUNDATION AXLE,FRONT AND REAR AXLE NUT,FRONT AXLE,FRONT SPROCKET BOLT,GENERAL NUTS AND BOLTS,HANDLE TEE BOLT,HANDLE TEE CHECK NUT,HANDLE TEE NUT,HEAD BOLTS,HEAD DOWELL KIT,HEAD DOWELL PIN,HEAD LIGHT VISOR BOLT KIT,HEAD NUT,HEAD STUD,MAGNET COVER SCREW KIT,MAGNET NUT,MAIN TUBE NUT,OIL DRAIN BOLT,OIL NUT,OIL PUMP DOWELL,PETROL TANK STUD,REAR BRAKE SHOE PLATE BOLT,REAR SHOCKER NUT,REAR SUSPENSION AXLE,REAR SUSPENSION AXLE WITH NUT,REAR WHEEL SPROCKET NUT BOLT,SCREW KIT,SIDE PANEL SCREW,SIDE STAND BOLT,SILENCER BOLT,SILENCER PATTI SCREW,SILENCER STUD,SPEEDOMETER GLASS SCREW,SPEEDOMETER WORM NUT,SPOKES AND NIPPLES,SPROCKET NUT BOLT,TAPPET BOLT,VISOR SCREW KITS. CAM CHAIN GUIDE ROLLER,CHAIN KITS,CHAIN LOCK,CHAIN TENSIONER,GEAR BOX SPROCKET,MAIN CHAIN,REAR SPROCKET,REAR SPROCKET,TIMING CHAIN,TIMING GEAR,TIMING KIT,TIMING ROLLER. Hero HF Deluxe is available in 5 colours and 4 variants and Hero Splendor Plus is available in 4 colours and 4 variants. Hero Splendor Motorcycle – Features and Specs. Explore Splendor Specs, Mileage, Top Speed, Colors, Photos, Pros and Cons. Finally, there is the Super Splendor, which displaces nearly 125cc. These alloy wheels deliver a contemporary spin to class. Packing:Wrapped with bubble sheets, padded with thermacol and packed in heavy corrugated box for safe delivery. Find Accessories price list of all Hero Honda Bikes here. By proceeding ahead, you agree to BikeWale visitor agreement and privacy policy. A multifunctional full digital cluster with maximised features to make your ride more meaningful. The windscreen adds to the aerodynamics of your ride while giving it a one-up for aesthetics. Hero Splendor Mileage is 55 kmpl to 65 kmpl, as reported by various Splendor street bikes owners. 4, Chet Singh Nagar, Opposite JP Cycle, Near Manjit Darm Kanta, Gill road, Ludhiana - 141003, Dist. The design and shape are inspired by the new Aprilia Design Language; that has an edge of dynamic reflection. COIL,LAMP COIL,Magnet wire,MAGNETO ASSY,METER HOLDER WIRE,MULTIPLE SOCKET WIRING HARNESS,NEUTRAL SWITCH,OIL GAUGE,ON OFF SWITCH,PICK UP COIL,PILOT LAMP HOLDER,Plug Cap,Plug Wire Assembly,Pulsar coil,REGULATOR CUM FLASHER,REGULATOR RECTIFIER,ROTOR ASSEMBLY,Self Carbon Brush,SIDE STAND SWITCH,SPARK PLUGS,SPEEDOMETER SOCKET ASSEMBLY,Starter Relay,STATOR PLATE ASSY,TAIL LIGHT HARNESS,TANK UNITS,TCI UNIT,Wiring Harness. That’s where the Super Splendor comes into the picture. A step up from the Splendor Plus is the Splendor iSmart 110, with Hero Motocorp’s proprietary i3s start/stop technology. Nothing speaks class like chrome does. Compare with similar models. The Super Splendor has always been a no non-sense motorcycle for Hero MotoCorp. The seat itself is larger, broader and has a high comfort profile. Graphics:Included (In GP brands its as per company list ie it might not be included in some cases). Get contact details and address| ID: 11137031355 Hero Splendor iSmart Plus IBS Price Rs. Get detailed comparison between Splendor Pro and Splendor Plus on the basis of specifications, mileage, price & others. General Tool Sets,GENERAL TOOLS,PORTABLE AIR COMPRESSOR,PUNCTURE REPAIR KIT,SPANNER,TOOL KIT. The most popular models, Splendor Pro and Splendor Plus, comes with a powerful 100cc four-stroke single-cylinder engine. While TVS Radeon 110 puts up a good fight in terms of practicality, Hero Splendor iSmart 110 comes out on top with great style, cool features, i3S technology at an excellent price. The Splendor Plus displaces 97cc and caters to those looking for a reliable but affordable commuter motorcycle. GPS DEVICE,HELMET BLUETOOTH,HELMET MOUNTED CAMERA,MOBILE HOLDER,REMOTE LOCKS,SECURITY SYSTEM,SOLAR POWER BANK,USB PORT POWER CHARGERS. It started off as the Hero Honda Splendor in 1994, as a successor to the CD100 and Sleek. Get … Average mileage among street bikes is 50 kmpl. The Splendor range covers three different capacities – the original 97cc engine that is in production even today, a 110cc engine that was developed and launched after the split with Honda, and a 125cc Super Splendor that caters to those who want more power and torque but don’t need any flashiness. ACCELERATOR GRIP,AIR FILTER FOAM RING,BANDEX RUBBER,BATTERY BELT,BODY COVER RUBBER,BRAKE PEDAL RUBBER,BUSH RUBBER,Carburator Manifold Rubber,CDI RUBBER,CHAIN COVER RUBBER,CLUTCH DRUM KIT,Clutch Rubber Kit,CLUTCH SHOE RUBBER,DRUM RUBBER,ENGINE MOUNTING RUBBER,Footmat,FOOTREST RUBBER,FORK BOOT,FORK CONE RUBBER,GEAR RUBBER,HEAD LIGHT DOOM RUBBER KIT,HEAD LIGHT STAY,INDICATOR STAY,JUNCTION BOX,KICK RUBBER,MAIN STAND RUBBER,MIRROR BOOT RUBBER,MUD FLAP,MUDGUARD CABLE GROMET,NOSE RUBBER,O RINGS,OIL BREATHER,OTHER BANDS,PETROL TANK CAP COLLER RUBBER,Petrol Tank Rubber Kit,PLUG CAP RUBBER,PUSH ROD RUBBER,RUBBER DAMPER,RUBBER KIT FULL,Seat Rubber Kit,Side Panel Rubber Set,SWING ARM RUBBER,TOOL BOX BELT,YOKE COVER. These chrome embellishments give your ride a sleek stance, while the sporty dark chrome exhaust gives it that much needed punch of a power show. 60,350 . Vehicle Compatibility: Hero Honda Splendor, Splendor Plus The shape of the seat is perfectly sleek on the lines of the bike profile hence it adds a style statement to the bike ABS plastic base plate makes up for the basic skeleton of the seat which not only provides strength but … 60,350. The Splendor Plus bike is one of the best selling bikes from Hero Motocorp. Auto parts for Motorcycles,Scooters and Scootys, COMPLETE STICKER KIT APACHE RTR HYPER EDGE 160 ZADON, LEG GUARD BUTTERFLY SPECIAL PIPE (SUPER CHROME) ROYAL ENFIELD ZADON. BATTERY PIPE,BREATHER PIPE,CARBURETOR OVER FLOW PIPE,COTTON PIPE,DISC BRAKE OIL PIPE,DUCT TUBE,HOSE PIPES,OIL PIPE SET,PETROL PIPE,POLLUTION PIPE KIT. Buy Speedwav 67597 Single Bike Seat Cover For Hero Splendor Plus for Rs. Approximate Price: ₹ … Splendor in Vintage Cafe Racer Style. BRAKE LIGHT SWITCH SPRING,Brake Pedal Spring,Brake Shoe Spring,CARBON BRUSH SPRING,CLUTCH SHOE SPRING,CLUTCH SPRING,FRONT FORK PUMP SPRING,FRONT FORK SPRING,Gear Shaft Arm Spring (Small),Gear Shaft Spring (Big),KICK SPRING,MAIN SPRING,MAIN STAND SPRING,push rod springs,SIDE STAND SPRING,VALVE SPRING SET. Complete range of CEAT tyres compatible with Hero Splendor available here! With SEAT Fast Lane, get your SEAT in just 21 days. Ludhiana, Punjab As stated earlier, Hero claims Super Splendor 125 to be a more premium offering. AIR FILTER BOX ASSEMBLY,AIR FILTERS,BREATHER BOX,BREATHER PLATE,CAM SHAFT ASSEMBLY WITH BEARING,CAM SHAFT HOLDER,Cam Sprocket,COMBUSTION OPTIMIZER,CONNECTING ROD KIT,CRANK CASE ASSEMBLY,CRANK PIN,CRANK SHAFT ASSEMBLY,CYLINDER,CYLINDER HEAD,CYLINDER KIT,DECOMPRESSION ASSEMBLY,FILTER ROTOR,GEARS AND AXLES,HEAD COVERS,INLET EXHAUST VALVES,OIL FILTER,OIL FILTER COVER,OIL PUMP GEAR,OIL PUMP JALLI,OIL PUMP ORING,PERFORMANCE AIR FILTERS,PETROL FILTER,PISTON ASSEMBLY,PISTON PIN,RESONATOR,RING SET PISTON,ROCKER ARM,ROCKER ARM ADJUSTER,ROCKER COVER,ROCKER PIN,TAPPET COVER,THROTTLE BODY,TIMING COVER,TIMING PAD,TIMING SHAFT,VALVE GUIDE,VALVE REPAIR KIT,VALVE SEAL. 72,950. Strict adherence to terms is need for such claims. So, here is the Hero Splendor iSmart 110. Whereas the most fuel consuming model is Splendor iSmart 110 with average of 55 kmpl. The price of Hero Super Splendor starts at Rs. RADIATOR ASSY,RADIATOR COVER,THERMOSTAT COVER,WATER PUMP COVER. BRASS ACCESSORIES FOR ROYAL ENFIELD BULLET, 12XR2.5L-C 2.5AH BATTERY FOR BIKE EXIDE XTREME, SPARK PLUG (PLATINUM AND IRIDIUM) SPLENDOR BOSCH, SHOCK ABSORBER SPLENDOR (CHROME) REAR SET ENDURANCE, 12BI2.5L-C 2.5AH BATTERY FOR BIKE EXIDE BIKERZ, SPARK PLUG (POINTED GROUND & TWIN ELECTRODE) SPLENDOR BOSCH, 12XL2.5L-C BATTERY FOR BIKE EXIDE EXPLORE, SIDE PANEL SET SPLENDOR PLUS ALLOY WHEEL BLACK/BLUE ZADON, FRONT MUDGUARD SPLENDOR UB BLACK/BLUE ZADON, COIL PLATE ASSY SPLENDOR NM (L.T.COIL 2 HOLE) SWISS, COIL CDI WIRE GLAMOUR KS (4 pin + 2pin wire set) (Wiring Rep. The Splendor is what put most of India on two wheels, and continues to do so in semi-urban and rural areas. The Hero Splendor Plus ex-showroom price in Basti starts from Rs 60,995. CAM SHAFT BEARING,CLUTCH BEARING,COUNTER SHAFT BEARING,CRANK BEARING KIT,CRANK SHAFT BEARING,CYLINDRICAL ROLLER BEARINGS,DEEP GROOVE BALL BEARING,DRIVE SHAFT BEARING,ENGINE MAIN BEARING SET,GUDGEON PIN BEARING,IDLE BEARING,MAIN SHAFT BEARING,OTHER BEARINGS,ROCKER BEARINGS,SPHERICAL ROLLER BEARINGS,SPROCKET BEARING,STATOR BEARING,SWING ARM BEARING,WHEEL BEARINGS. The glove box makes it easy for you to secure your essentials. The Hero Super Splendor iSmart will follow new safety regulations which will get enforced from 1 April 2019 onwards. CLUTCH PULLEY OIL SEAL,CLUTCH ROD SEAL,Collor Seal,DISC OIL SEAL,DRIVE SHAFT OIL SEAL,FRONT FORK OIL SEAL,GEAR BOX SEAL,GEAR SHAFT SEAL,KICK SHAFT SEAL,MAGNET SEAL,MAIN SHAFT OIL SEAL,OIL PUMP SEAL,OIL SEAL KIT,SPROCKET OIL SEAL,TAPET SEAL,VALVE OIL SEAL. What is the mileage of Hero Splendor Plus? SELF BENDEX,SELF BENDEX REPAIR KIT,SELF GEAR,SELF MANDIR,SELF MOTOR ASSY,SELF MOTOR TOP PLATE,SELF STARTER PINION. Hero Splendor Bike Model Ex-showroom price; Hero Splendor Plus ₹ 61,714: Hero Super Splendor ₹ 71,078: Hero Splendor iSmart 110 ₹ 66,845 The most fuel efficient Hero Splendor model is Splendor Plus with real mileage of 65 kmpl. Read about company. CLUTCH SPRING WASHER,HANDLE TEE WASHER,HORN CLIP,WASHERS. BRAKE CABLE FRONT,BRAKE CABLE REAR,CABLE BARREL,CHOKE CABLE ASSEMBLY,CLUTCH CABLE ASSEMBLY,CONTROL CABLE KIT,CYLINDER CABLE ASSEMBLY,DECOMPRESSOR CABLE,FUEL COCK CABLE,GEAR CHANGE CABLE,SEAT LOCK CABLE,SPEEDOMETER CABLES,TACHOMETER CABLE ASSY,THROTTLE CABLE ASSY. Hero Moto Corp Splendor Plus is priced at Rs.60,460 (ex-showroom Solapur). These enhances the seating comfort and matches with the vehicle's color. This is more than just the seating. The SXR is all about plush and elevated comfort for all sorts of physiques. You’ll also never run out of charge with that USB charging port for your phone. ADJUSTABLE LEVER,AIR COMPRESSORS,All Round Steel Guard,BACK PACK,Body Cover,BUNJEE NUT FOR MOTORCYCLE,BUZZER,FAIRING MIRROR,FANCY DISC CAP,FANCY FOOTREST,FANCY HANDLE GRIPS,Fancy Handle Yokes,Fancy Rear View Mirror,FLEXI FRONT MUDGUARD,FOOTBOARD GARNISH,FRONT GRILL FOR SCOOTERS,GARNISH KIT FOR BULLET,GENERAL ACCESSORIES,GRILLS FOR ROYAL ENFIELD BULLET,GRIP COVER,HAND PROTECTOR,HANDLE BAR END CAPS LED LIGHT,HEAD LIGHT AND TAIL LIGHT GRILL,HEAD LIGHT JALLI,HELMET LOCK,HID LIGHTS,HIGH PERFORMANCE SILENCER,HORN GRILL,HYDRATION BLADDER,Leather Tool Bag For Royal Enfield Bullet,MUDGUARD BUMPER,MUDGUARD STEEL,PILLION SIDE HOLDER,RAIN COVER,REFLECTIVE TAPE FOR MOTORCYCLE,Rope For Motorcycle,SEAT BACKREST,SIDE BAG SADDLE,SIDE BOX AND INNER BOX,SILENCER WRAP,Speedometer Assembly For Royal Enfield Bullet,TAIL LIGHT JALLI,TANK BAG,TANK COVER FOR ALL BIKES,USB Mobile Chargers,WEIGHT MACHINE. New Hero Super Splendor bike comes with great mileage at an effective price. Seat Cover for Hero Splendor Pro 100 is elegantly designed covers protecting seats from spillage, dirt and dust. Rolling out from one of the prominent Motorcycle Production companies, the Splendor Pro Classic, entitles itself as the World’s Cheapest Cafe Racer motor 2016 Hero Splendor Pro Engine Specs, Mileage Since it’s a mid-life update, powering the 2016 Splendor Pro is the same air-cooled, four-stroke, single cylinder OHC 97.2cc engine that produces 8.25 bhp of power and 8.05 Nm of peak torque. The 3 Valve Fuel injection BSVI 160cc Engine is one of the most powerful engine on a scooter here, which offers great throttling experience. CLUTCH ASSEMBLY,CLUTCH CENTER AND CLUTCH HUB,CLUTCH COVER PLATE,CLUTCH EXTERNAL LEVER,Clutch Housing Complete,CLUTCH INTERNAL LEVER,Clutch Lifter Plate,CLUTCH OUTER DRUM,CLUTCH PARTS,CLUTCH PIECE SLIDE,CLUTCH PLATES,CLUTCH PULLEY,CLUTCH REPAIR KIT,CLUTCH ROD,CLUTCH ROLLER GUIDE,CLUTCH ROLLER KIT,CLUTCH ROTOR,Clutch Rotor Plate,CLUTCH SHAFT,CLUTCH SHOE,CLUTCH SHOE PLATE,CLUTCH THESI,CLUTCH VARIATOR,CLUTCH WORM KIT,FAN BELTS,Magnet Cover,One Way Clutch,Pressure Plate,PULLEY PIN KIT. 55,880 [Ex-showroom, ] The given price can change depending on the colour and other features like alloy wheels, disc brakes, accessories etc. Original Documents shall also be collected by the Executive which would be returned once the Registration process is complete. There are a lot of rural customers who demand a powerful motorcycle that is reliable and built for a purpose. The bike is good for his pickup long sheet. The Hero Super Splendor iSmart will get equipped with front disc brake and CBS (combined braking system). The world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer introduced the 2016 Hero Splendor Pro for a price of Rs. Dikshita India Auto Plast - Offering Hero Splendor/Plus/Pro BIKE Back Rest Seat Handle, Bike Backrest at Rs 105/piece in Delhi, Delhi. DICKY LOCK,HANDLE LOCK,LOCK KITS,LOCK WITH PATTI (WITH BRASS KEY),PETROL TANK CAP,PETROL TANK LOCK,SEAT LOCK,SIDE PANEL LOCK,SWITCH KIT,TOOL BOX LOCK,WHEEL LOCK. The price of Splendor Pro starts at Rs. Toilet Seats Price in Pakistan - Find and buy all the latest range of Toilet Seats online across the Pakistan – If you are looking for Toilet Seats products online with discounted and comparative prices then this is the relevant page which carries all up-to-date products with proper specification, consumer rating & reviews and best available market online prices of all Toilet Seats. The 21-days delivery period for Fast Lane models is understood without taking into account waiting times at approval offices. online. See Hero Splendor Plus price in BD 2021 with all Hero bikes in BD Showroom. Hero Super Splendor 125 Price in Nepal and Availability. The ex-showroom price of Hero HF Deluxe is ₹ 48,950 and Hero Splendor Plus is ₹ 60,920. Check Price in India & Buy Online. Hero's seat cover has these all features and more. ACCELERATOR MOUNTING,ACCELERATOR PIPE,AIR PIPE,Battery Cover,CAP GRIP,CHAIN COVER PLASTIC,COOLING FAN,COVER CENTER,FAN COVER,Front Cowling,FUEL FILTER,HALF CHAIN COVER,HANDLE GRIP SET WITH PIPE,HEAD LIGHT DOME,HEAD LIGHT GLASS,Hub Covers,IGNITION SWITCH CAP,INNER COVERS,INNER COWLING,KICK PADS,LUGGAGE BOX,METER COVER,METER COWLING,METER GLASS,METERCASE,Mudguard Rear,MUDGUARD REFLECTOR,OIL TANK,OIL TANK CAP,OIL TANK LENS,PLATIC PETROL TANK,REAR VIEW MIRROR,SILENCER COVER,SILENCER END CAPS,STEP FLOOR,Tool Box,TOOL BOX COVERS. CHROME PLATED GARNISH,COMBO BODY PARTS,COWL PLATE,CUSTOMIZED PETROL TANK,ENGINE GUARD,Fairing Front,FRONT FORK DUST COVER,FRONT SHIELD,HEAD LIGHT GARNISH,HEAD LIGHT KAN SET,METAL FLOOR,Motorcycle Body Kit,Mudguard Front,Nose Front,Painted Seat Handle,PETROL TANK,RR SIDE PANEL FLAP,Scooter Body Kit,Side Panels,Tail Panels,TANK COVER PANELS,TPFC,TRIM SET. BACK LIGHT ASSEMBLY,Back Light Glass,HEAD LIGHT ASSY,INDICATOR ASSYMBLIES,INDICATOR GLASS. The emblem new version of Hero Splendor Ismart has some new images with top notch body normal which offers a complete exceptional look. Check out the price, images, and features of Hero Super Splendor 2020. Brake Cam with Lever Front,Brake Cam with Lever Rear,BRAKE SHOE,CALIPER ASSEMBLY,CALIPER BRACKET,CALIPER PISTON,DISC BRAKE KIT,DISC BRAKE PADS,DISC LEVER ASSEMBLY,DISC PAD PIN KIT,DISC PLATE,DISC YOKE LENS KIT,DRUM PLATE,MASTER CYLINDER CAPS,MASTER CYLINDER RUBBER KIT,REAR BRAKE SHOE PLATE. Find here Toilet Seats, Commodes manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in India. Height 293⁄8" Width 293⁄4" Depth 26" Arm height 253⁄16" Seat height 153⁄8" Seat width 273⁄8" Seat depth 187⁄8" Price List Effective Dates: Before we move on to comparing the tyres and the most recommended tyre for Splendor, let’s have a look at the features and specifications of the motorcycle.. ALLOY WHEEL,SCOOTER ALLOY WHEEL,TUBES,TYRE TUBE SET,TYRES. Hero Splendor Plus FAQs What is the on road and ex-showroom price of Hero Splendor Plus? ADVENTURE HELMETS,CONVERTIBLE HELMETS,FLIP UP FRONT HELMET,FULL FACE HELMETS,KARTING HELMETS,LADIES HELMETS,MOTOCROSS HELMETS,NOVELTY HELMET,OPEN FACE HELMET,SPORTING HELMET,TRIALS HELMETS. Apart from prices, you can also find comparison of these bikes based on displacement, mileage, performance, and many more parameters. Hero MotoCorp sold 4,47,335 units in December 2020 as against 4,24,845 units during the corresponding month of the previous year. Let it be any surface, the SXR can pass through comfortably. ... Second hand bikes are sold in a price range which is much lower than the price of the brand-new models after complete bike inspection points . 69,450 and goes upto Rs. Resilient easy cleaning material ensures hygienic use Features: Durable soft closing hinge mechanism ensures consistent action over time Easy installation process Specifications: Colour: White Material: Wood Dimensions: 35 x 5 x 44cm Weight: 3kg Hero MotoCorp’s commuter segment motorcycles, the Splendor series and the Passion Pro have received a price hike. But one is disappointed point its milage. Showing 1 - 25 of 786 products for in bikes and scooters. Hero Splendor iSmart is a commuter bike available at a price range of Rs. AIR SUCTION ASSEMBLY,BAG HOOK,Brake Drum,CLUTCH AND BRAKE LEVER SET,CLUTCH BELL,CLUTCH BOSS,CLUTCH COVERS,FACE DRIVE,HANDLE GUTKA ALUMINIUM,HANDLE YOKES,LADIES FOOTREST,OIL SEAL PLATE,PETROL TAPS,REAR FOOTREST BRACKETS,REAR FOOTREST PLATE,REAR SEAT HANDLE,SPROCKET HUB,TAPET NUT. Though the difference is only 10cc, the styling and features change and for the buyers, the 110 is always an upgrade from the run-of-the-mill 100. The Splendor is an entry level motorcycle from the Hero MotoCorp. AIR FILTER JALI,AIR HOSE RUBBER CLAMP,BATTERY BRACKET,BATTERY STAND PATTI,BRAKE CABLE CLAMP,BRAKE CAM LEVER,BRAKE PEDAL,BRAKE ROD ASSEMBLY,CAM SHAFT STOPPER PATTI,CENTER STAND PIN,CHAIN ADJUSTER CLAMPS,CHAIN COVERS,CHASSIS,CRASH GUARD,CUSTOM HANDLE BAR,DRUM STOPPER PATTI,ENGINE HANGER,ENGINE PLATE,FOOTREST ASSEMBLY,FRONT BASKET(METAL),FRONT FOOTREST BRACKET,FRONT FOOTREST PATTI,FRONT FOOTREST ROD,FRONT MUDGUARD CLAMP,FRONT NUMBER PLATE,FRONT NUMBER PLATE BRACKET,FUEL PUMP BRACKET,GEAR LEVER,GEAR LEVER GUTKA,GENERAL METAL PARTS,HALF AXLE WITH NUT,HANDLE BAR,HANDLE LOCK PATTI,HANDLE PLATE,HANDLE WEIGHT,HEAD LIGHT BRACKET,HEAD LIGHT CASING,HEAD LIGHT FIXING PATTI,HEAD LIGHT FIXING PIPE BRACKET,HEAD LIGHT RIM,HEAD LIGHT VISOR PATTI,HEAD PLATE,INDICATOR PATTI,INNER BOX CLIP,Luggage Carrier,MAIN STAND,MAIN STAND PATTI,METER BRACKET,MUDGUARD (METAL),MUDGUARD STAY,NOSE PATTI,OTHER BRACKETS,PETROL TANK BRACKET,PETROL TAP JALI,PULLEY COLLER,PUSH ROD,REAR AXLE CLAMP,REAR MUDGUARD (METAL),Rear Number Plate,Rear Number Plate Bracket Patti,SCOOTER SWITCH SUPPORT,SEAT BACKREST,SEAT BRACKET,SEAT CARRIER,SEAT CATCHER,SEAT LOCK BRACKET,SEAT LOCK U CLIP,SEAT PLATES,Side Stand,SIDE STAND CLAMP,SILENCER BEND,SILENCER BEND COVER,SILENCER JALLI,SILENCERS,SWING ARM,SWING ARM ROD,TAIL LIGHT STAND,WHEEL RIM. 1.85 Lakhs). Read about company. The entry-level Hero Splendor Plus Kick with Alloy wheel BS6 variant is priced at Rs 60,995 (ex-showroom Basti) and the top-end Hero Splendor Plus Self with Alloy wheel and i3S BS6 variant costs Rs 64,310 (ex-showroom Basti). The company is trying to manage the brand with the trust of Splendor. Speedwav 67597 Single Bike Seat Cover For Hero Splendor Plus at best prices with FREE shipping & cash on delivery. SXR 160 undoubtedly sets a new benchmark for every other scooter. Get contact details & address of companies manufacturing and supplying Toilet Seats, Commodes, Flush Toilet across India. BAR ENDS,FORK SLIDERS,FRAME SLIDERS,REFLECTIVE ITEMS,SWINGARM SPOOLS. The motorcycle includes dual toned livery with actually comfortable seat and elegant grasp rail in rear characteristic of … 1,98,000, and is now available across all Hero Showrooms in Nepal. Hero Super Splendor BS6 Price is ₹ 68,150 in India. Check Out User Reviews and Latest News. Accessories and Spares price of all Hero Honda Motorcycles - Glamour-125, Splendor, Passion Pro-100 and more. Hero Honda Accessories are classified under three categories - Bike Care Products, Bike Performance and Bike Security System. Enter your email address below to subscribe to our newsletter and keep up to date with discounts and special offers. It is available in 2 variants and 3 colours. Compared with other Hero bikes, this is true. Check BS6 Model Mileage, Colors, Photos, User Reviews, Pros Cons and Full Specifications. 1,83,500. Bike Spare part Half Axle Splendor A. J Auto Industries Gill road, Ludhiana 3344/1, St No. The Hero Splendor range starts from the 97.2 cc Splendor+, which is priced from Rs 60,960, while the top-end 124.7 cc Super Splendor Disc costs Rs 72,950 (both prices, ex-showroom) Hero MotoCorp has been the biggest two-wheeler manufacturer in the Indian market for years now, with a range of motorcycles and scooters in its line-up. SEAT Fast Lane only applies to selected SEAT models. An even halt is the command your SXR will follow the moment you press the brakes. Harmony Traders - Offering Splendor Seat Cover, Motorcycle Seat Cover, बाइक सीट कवर, बाइक की सीट का आवरण at Rs 66/piece in New Delhi, Delhi. Toilet Seat Wooden - Superwood. Warranty:Transit breakage is covered under warranty. BRAKE FLUID,CHAIN LUBRICANT SPRAY,DASHBOARD POLISH,ENGINE OIL,GLASS CLEANER,GREASE,HEADLIGHT RESTORER,MAGWHEEL CLEANER SPRAY,MICROFIBRE CLOTH,POLISHES,RUBBING COMPOUND,RUST BUSTER SPRAY,SPONGE. The foot pegs and co-rider footsteps are just perfect, delivering a seating position that gives you the feel of being on top of the world. Hero recently unveiled its 2018 avatar so that the rural market can get a fresh product without... Small, compact, light – these aspects of a motorcycle might sound fun but imagine it with an 110cc engine. FORK BOTTOM CASE,FORK PIPE,FRONT FORK ASSY,FRONT FORK CYLINDER,FRONT FORK LEG,front fork oil seal holder,FRONT FORK PUMP (set of 2) WITH RING,LINK BUSH KIT,STABILISER TUBE,STEERING BALLS KIT,SUSPENSION SEAL. 66,785 and the showroom price (Delhi) starts from Rs. CLUTCH BUSH,ENGINE HANGER BUSH,FOUNDATION BUSH,GEAR BUSH,GREEN BUSH,KICK SHAFT BUSH,OTHER BUSHES,REAR SHOCKER BUSH,SELF BUSH KIT,SHOCKER BUSH (WITHOUT SLEEVE),SUSPENSION BUSH,WHEEL SPACER BUSH.
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